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Football Game 2009 PhotoAlbum
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Front: Larry Brown and Janet Henning-Brown 2nd row: John Wasilewski and Frankie Knoles-Thompson
Morris Wayne Brown (1949) Doris Wilcoxon-Larke (1949)(brown jacket) and ? McIntyre (?)
Mary Lois Pierce-Hughes and Larry F Hughes, Class of 1962
From right to left: Cynthia Streckfuss Zook (1949), Morris Wayne Brown(1949), Doris Wilcoxon-Larke(1949) and Larry F Hughes (1962)
Cynthia Streckfuss Zook (1949), Morris Wayne Brown (1949), Doris Wilcoxox Larke (1949), Mary Lois Pierce-Hughes (1962)
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